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Our Mission

"To be an innovative provider of quality training and to strive for excellence in all we do. To provide students with a caring, Christian environment which enhances their ability to succeed, and to assist individuals of all backgrounds and cultures to work and learn in harmony."

Bedford College

Established in 1944, Bedford College is a not-for-profit Registered Training Organisation with a long-standing reputation for quality training in a caring environment. Bedford has a student-centred approach to learning and sets the benchmark by which other training providers are measured.

Bedford College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Number 90301.

Whilst the College has a Christian ethos, enrolled students come from a wide variety of races, religions, cultures and beliefs. An open access and equity policy governs our enrolment practices and the College is committed to inclusiveness and mutual respect for all individuals.

The employment success of Bedford graduates is unsurpassed, with the vast majority going straight into full-time work on completion of their course. And the ability to provide students with automatic entry (with credit) into university (with no ATAR) means that Bedford Graduates have a distinct advantage over graduates from other colleges.

Our Aim

To provide students with a learning environment where each can achieve their own personal best.

To provide a guaranteed pathway for graduates who wish to undertake further studies to gain entry into university.

To equip students with a high level of skills and knowledge that will enable them to attain a career.

Equipping You to Get the Job You're Looking For

At Bedford we are proud of our high standards and we believe that the quality of training we provide is second-to-none. Our Excellent graduate employment success rate speaks for itself.
We work hard to endure you have a wonderful learning experience that is supportive and nurturing. That's why we have an enviable reputation as a provider of quality training in:

  • Business

  • Leadership and Management

  • Child Care

  • Community Services

  • Individual Support (Ageing, Disability and Home Care)

  • Education Support

  • Training and Assessment

These training specialties offer some of the greatest employment opportunities in Australia. We liaise regularly with our employer associates to ensure our graduates are truly job ready. Our industry engagement ensures we are providing students with the skills and knowledge that employers seek, giving Bedford graduates a 'real edge' over other job seeker.


Bedford College was launched in 1944 by the Baptist Churches in NSW to meet Australia's great emerging social needs due to the devastation of families during World War II. Women needed essential job skills to join the rapidly changing workforce so they could provide for their families. With a benevolent heart, the Baptist movement donated all the funds necessary to start this initiative to support women to find independence, employment, and success.

Almost 80 years later, Bedford College maintains this strong desire to help equip all people to access great opportunities by learning the skills necessary to find secure employment. The directors believe employment provides an essential pathway to contribute and help make a positive difference in the world.

Bedford College is proud of our Baptist heritage and aims to treat everyone with kindness, respect and fairness.

Our Service Commitment

Bedford College is committed to providing quality higher education and training.

We aim to:

  • Provide training that meets industry needs, trends and best practice

  • Deliver high-quality, innovative and engaging training

  • Maintain a student-centres approach to learning

  • Seek to continuously improve our training and assessment services

  • Foster relationships with our students by encouraging them to achieve their own personal best results

  • Be open, honest and ethical in all our dealings with stakeholders

  • Provide a supportive, open and effective learning environment, with flexible learning opportunities

  • Ensure all training is delivered by qualified teachers with the latest industry knowledge and experience

  • Provide a high level of support to students

  • Provide entry and credit opportunities to university for our graduates

  • Provide high standards of education and skills to our students thereby maximising their employment opportunities

  • Produce competent and confident students that benefit the community and industry

Our Philoshphy

What sets Bedford apart from other organisations is that we provide professional training in a caring, environment. We have a holistic approach to training and focus not only on the skills and knowledge required for work but also coach students in presenting the right attitude to an employer.

Our Policy

To offer every student the means of realising their full potential. To help us achieve this, we provide individualised tuition in small class groups where every student is an individual and a sense of confidence and self-worth is fostered.

Our Staff

Bedford College trainers are selected for their commitment to high-quality training, their subject knowledge, their industry experience and their dedication to helping students to achieve their personal best results. They are committed to training students who will go into the workforce as confident, highly skilled, literate, flexible individuals who are responsive to the ever-changing needs of industry.

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