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Higher Vocational Education & Training

Higher Vocational Education and Training qualifications are developed with the specific goal of preparing students with the necessary skills and knowledge that employers are seeking.

VET is designed to also help people to join or re-join the workforce, move into a new career or add additional skills in their existing career. Qualifications have both a theoretical and skill competency focus, meaning students are well prepared for their future pathway...

The 'Australian Jobs report' compares job outcomes for University Bachelor Degree graduates to Vocational Education and Training (VET) Qualification graduates.

Recent studies have shown that a vocational qualification has more job opportunities and higher employment outcomes than a university degree.

The interesting point to note is that research of VET graduates indicate that they often outperformed their University graduating peers on multiple fronts. With such strong performance, we need to question the commonly held perception that a University degree will provide a better employment outcome than a higher VET course.

These report figures dispel the myth the Uni is better and highlights that the VET sector remains strong, provides real work outcomes for graduates, and delivers much-needed staff to industries that rely on them to maintain productivity.

VET Average Employment Outcomes

The 'Australia Jobs Report' shows that VET is leading the way in delivering jobs for graduates.

  • VET graduate improves employment outcomes (full time) in 2019:

    >  86.5% - Trade apprenticeship or traineeship

    >  71.4% - Non-trade apprenticeship or traineeship

    >  65.8% - Vocational Education and Training graduates

    >  63.0% - Other training

  • VET employment outcomes after graduation as per qualification in 2019:

    >  67.8% - Diploma or higher

    >  69.8% - Certificate IV

    >  67.1% - Certificate III

    >  53.7% - Certificate II

    >  37.0% - Certificate I

Australia's top employing occupations have the highest VET employment outcomes

  • Australia's top employing occupations in include:

    >  Aged and Disability Carers

    >  Child Carers

    >  Personal Support workers

  • VET & University graduate employment in these sectors:

    >  41% - Certificate III or VET qualification

    >  21% - Bachelor Degree

As part of the 4.2 million VET program enrolments in 2019, there were 2.6 million enrolments in stand-alone VET subjects. This training includes courses that are critical both to employers and the Australian economy.

These extremely solid VET job outcome figures show that VET is clearly outperforming University when it comes to graduates finding jobs. they call into question the beliefs of many, that University is the BEST option if you want to get a well-paid job or career, We predict that we will continue to see solid job outcomes delivered by the VET sector in the years to come!

* Statistics from the "Australian Jobs Report 2020".

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