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For over 70 years, Bedford College has provided students with leading vocational training. Our industry connections and formal university pathways provide you with ‘the edge’ in employment and further education success.

Get employed faster

The employment success of Bedford graduates is unsurpassed, with the vast majority going straight into full-time work on completion of their course.

Get into that Uni course

Bedford can provide you with guaranteed entry credit into university (with no ATAR) giving you access to the course you’ve always dreamed of.

Get the support you need

Our small, caring environment gives you scaffolded support as you study and prepare for the next chapter in your career.

Learn skills for life

The real-life skills you learn with vocational training are highly transferrable and will open doors to employment or further study.

The smart pathway to university

Students who successfully complete the Diploma of Business or the Diploma of Leadership and Management courses have automatic entry (with ONE YEAR credit) into a Bachelor of business or Bachelor of Commerce Degree at university.
see the University Pathways section for more information. Our university articulation partnerships are consistently changing, please contact the College for the latest information.

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