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The College has maintained small class sizes since its inception (usually 20 students).

We feel that this is imperative in order to ensure that every individual student’s needs are met. Small classes allow us to provide our students with personalised attention which assists every individual to achieve his/her own personal best results.
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Should you wish to undertake further study after completing the Bedford Diploma – we have formal agreements with universities which provide the means to do this.

All Bedford Diploma courses provide graduates with AUTOMATIC ENTRY (with credit) into a number of Australian universities.

It’s true to say that there are currently Bedford Graduates enrolled in almost every university in NSW and our list of university partners continues to grow. (See the University Pathways section on our website for more information).
At Bedford College we aim to provide a warm, friendly environment where a feeling of care and concern for every student is fostered. Most students find that they make friends very quickly and get support from teachers, student services and other students when necessary. Some students may require counselling to assist with course progress and attendance requirements, accommodation issues or personal issues – at Bedford we support students in many ways.

Please see the Student Support Services page for more information.
All new students will undertake an orientation program prior to course commencement. Information includes:

• Introduction to staff and a tour of the College
• Access and Equity
• Access to records
• Appeal process
• Assessment/assignment information
• Complaints process
• Expected learning outcomes
• What you will receive on completion of the course
• Privacy Policy
• Recognition of Prior Learning
• WHS procedures

Student expectations and responsibilities including:

• Attendance
• Academic progress
• Behaviour and attitude
• Dress code

Students attend a formal Orientation Session where all issues related to the College, course, qualification/s, assessment, policies, etc. are explained in detail. You will also set-up your network access, email address and passwords, on Orientation Day.

You will also be provided with access to your Online Classroom and the College’ intranet including access to all Policies and Procedures.
Bedford College is committed to promoting, encouraging and valuing equity and diversity with respect to its students by providing a positive learning environment to assist students to reach their full potential and achieve success. Bedford College will ensure services offered are provided in a fair and equitable manner to all students and completely free from bias.

All students have equitable access to training resources and facilities, support services and information, trainers and assessors, learning and assessment materials and opportunities. For further information, see Bedford College Access & Equity Policy in the downloads section of this website.
The focus of the training at Bedford is to provide a successful career outcome and/or a university pathway to every student.

We believe that in order for our students to have ‘the edge’ in employment success, we must provide them with the best possible learning environment. High-quality, professional training and a happy and caring atmosphere are conducive to successful learning outcomes for students.

The College has strong ethical values and each student is encouraged to achieve their own personal best result. An inclusive, friendly and non-discriminatory environment exists where each student is valued and a feeling of self-worth is fostered.
All students in every course will spend one day each week in the Online Classroom (Moodle. The Online Teacher supervises this classroom which contains information on every units in every course.

Moodle can be accessed remotely and provides the means for students to revise work, catch up on missed work, check assessment information, lodge assessments, email staff and students, etc.
Living away from home during the period of your study can be a daunting prospect for some students. At Bedford College, we’re happy to assist you with locating accommodation for your period of study with us. Please see the links below for accommodation information.

You may also have the opportunity to stay with an Australian family whilst you study. This is available through the Homestay accommodation provider.

Uni Lodge
Flo Harris Lodge
Homestay Network
Arundel House
The Terraces
96 Glebe Guest House
Domain Online Search
Real Estate
Flat Mates

We also have a list of private home stay accommodation available – please contact the College for details

In order to achieve an AQF qualification, you must demonstrate competence in every unit of the qualification.

Assessments can be carried out in several ways including, essays, projects, short-answer questions, team tasks, etc.
You will be advised on the first day of each learning unit what assessment method/s will be undertaken for that unit.

Assessment Re-sit
If you fail an assessment there is no need to panic. You are offered an opportunity to re-sit the assessment after a period of revision with your teacher.

Assessment Grading
Competency based training dictates that students are deemed to be ‘competent’ or ‘not competent’ on completion of the assessment process for each unit. However, in response to university and employer requests, Bedford students also receive a graded result on completion of each unit.

Available grades are competent, credit and distinction. We advise our students to strive for a credit average result in order to maximise their employment and further education opportunities.

Assessment Appeal
If you are unhappy with the result of an assessment, you may lodge an appeal through the Complaints and Appeals process.
The College has a list of policies and procedures to which all students have access via the intranet.
Bedford College collects personal information in order to efficiently carry out its functions. The College collects only information for the purposes of educational services and as directed by the Australian Government for reporting purposes
You will be supplied with your learning resources during Enrolment Week. This includes: textbooks & eText registrations, ID card, locker keys and a travel concession pass. Uniforms are also provided during Enrolment Week (Early Childhood students only).
Government benefits are available for study at Bedford College subject to applicant eligibility. Click here for more information – Centrelink
We aim to provide students with an effective and dynamic learning environment. We offer an inclusive setting, free from bias or discrimination of any kind.
In order to assist in this, a Student Behaviour Policy is in place which outlines the expectations of the College. The Student Behaviour Agreement is signed by all students prior to commencement of the course.
The College has a Code of Practice which governs the operations of Bedford College. The Code can be downloaded from:
Code Of Practice
The College has policies and procedures in place for Recognition of Prior Learning/Credit Transfer. These Policies and Procedures and the RPL Application Form can be downloaded below:
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – Policy
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – Procedure
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – Application Form
At Bedford College we aim to provide a warm, friendly environment for students. Most students find that they make friends very quickly and get support from teachers, student services and other students when necessary. Students may require counselling services to assist with course progress and attendance requirements, accommodation issues or personal issues.

Please see the Student Support Services page for more information.
The Complaints Policy is available to download from our website at Complaints Policy
Bedford College complies with the VET Tuition Assurance requirements which are covered under the Higher Education Support Act 2003. These requirements are to protect students in the event that the College’ ceases to provide a VET course of study in which a student is enrolled. See the following link for more information:

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