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Bedford Graduates are currently enrolled
in almost every university in NSW

Looking to go to university? Studying a 12 month course at Bedford College first can give you a significant head start. With credits applied, you can complete your university course in the same time but you will finish with two qualifications.

Business, Leadership and Management Diploma Graduates

Bedford College has ‘formal articulation agreements’ with universities which provide Business and leadership & Management Diploma Graduates with automatic entry (with 48 credit points – equivalent to 1 year full-time study) into a Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Commerce degree. (Other degree programs are also available).

Click link to university options list: University Pathways – Business and Leadership & Management

Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma Graduates

There are a number of appealing university options available to Early Childhood Education & Care Diploma Graduates, including full-time or part-time and on-campus or distance options in Early Childhood and/or Education.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care Graduates may apply for entry (with credit up to 1.5 years) into universities offering:

• B.Education
• B.Early Childhood Education
• B.Teaching
• B.Teaching (Primary)
• B.Arts (major in Early Childhood Education)

Depending on the university selected, the B.Education pathways can lead into a teaching position in years K-6 in a primary school setting. In some universities you may also further your studies to include a Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) or B.Teaching (Primary Education).

Click link to university options list: University Pathways – Early Childhood Education and Care

Community Services Diploma Graduates

There are many university pathway options available to Community Service Graduates depending on the university you choose and the career pathway that most appeals to you. These options include:

• B.Social Science
• B.Community Services
• B.Community and Human Services
• B.Arts
• B.Health Science

Click link to university options list: University Pathways – Community Services

University Options for all Diploma Graduates

Many of the above university pathways offer a range of appealing and flexible study options which will allow you to:

• enter the workforce full-time whilst completing a degree externally – online
• enrol as a full-time student at university and study on campus
• enter the workforce full-time and enrol at university later

University options are flexible – you can change your study mode throughout your course from part-time to full-time and from on-campus to distance – and back – as often as you wish.

Our university programs and articulation pathways are constantly being updated as new (guaranteed entry) agreements between Bedford College and individual universities are made. To ensure that you receive the latest information, please contact the College and speak to our course adviser.

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