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Bedford college is a truly unique place where you can feel like you belong.

80 years delivering world-class education

Bedford College is a truly unique and special place where you can feel like you belong.

We welcome all kinds of people who are looking to study somewhere that values them as an individual while preparing them for the workplace.

This year, Bedford College celebrates 80 years operating in Australia as a not-for-profit vocational tertiary college. We have been equipping and empowering people towards a fulfilling career in business, health, education, community services and more since 1943.

Our holistic student-focussed approach, high graduate success rate and established industry partners has allowed us to train and equip thousands of students over the years, with many going on to find meaningful employment in their field of interest.

Bedford College | Celebrating 80 years

High graduate success rate

At Bedford College, we focus on delivering career-focused education leading to meaningful employment. Because of this, many of our students are employed by the time they graduate.

Professional development

At Bedford College, we provide additional training in effective communication, leadership and presentation skills to ensure you feel confident when applying and interviewing for work.

Caring learning environment

With the student experience at the centre of our education, the team at Bedford College takes a holistic approach to enhance both the professional and personal aspects of your life.

University pathways

Bedford College offers pathways into a range of universities including the University of Sydney, Macquarie University, University of Wollongong, University of Newcastle, University of New England, Charles Sturt University, University of Notre Dame Australia, Australian Catholic University and Avondale University.

Flexible learning options

With flexible learning options either face-to-face at our Norwest or Sydney CBD campus or online, you can plan your study around your existing personal, family and work commitments.

Established employment partners

Bedford College have partnered with some of Australia’s largest companies and organisations, as well as local businesses who are always keen to employ Bedford students and graduates.

Industry-leading expertise

Many of our lecturers are professionals in their respective industries, offering industry knowledge and insights into best practices so you're ready to face today’s challenges in the workplace.

Our 80-year heritage

Founded in 1943, Bedford College is one of Australia’s most well-established not-for-profit tertiary institutions, firmly committed to being an innovative provider of quality training in a caring, Christian environment where all backgrounds and cultures can work and learn in harmony.





YEAR 10, 11 & 12

Whether you're completing Year 10 and are looking for alternatives or are graduating with your HSC, we offer 'smart' pathways into university to fast-track your career.

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Thinking about a mid-career transition into a different field? Our partnership with employers in aged care, community services, childcare and support will give you the necessary skills to start a rewarding career.

Australian Courses Online | Bedford College


With affordable accommodation options nearby and plenty of employment opportunities whilst studying, we welcome international students from all countries and cultures at Bedford College.

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Looking to return to work after having a baby? Our courses are perfect for parents wanting to study towards re-entering the workforce after taking extended time off to care for a loved one.

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Bedford College is a great alternative to undertaking your HSC as an alternate pathway into undergraduate study, where we've helped thousands of students reduce their study load when entering university.

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Looking to up-skill and study towards a qualification in your chosen field of work? Become academically recognised for your work experience and get that qualification on your CV with our Recognition of Prior Learning.

Students rate Bedford College 4.6 stars

Here's what our alumni have to say about their experience at Bedford College

Rithesh Diploma of Business

I studied my Diploma of Business at Bedford College to fast-track my way into the full-time working world and have a reputable pathway into the workforce.

I loved the structure including the days and hours, variety of subjects, the practical learning such as preparing for interviews and being placed in real-life scenarios which truly have helped me out in my career.” 

Kimberley Diploma of Business

I graduated with 3 offers to universities with recognition for prior learning, taking me straight into my second year of a Bachelors in Business at Macquarie University at just 17 years of age. 

Bedford gave me enough independence to start my journey post school, but enough support to foster and guide me.

Melanie Diploma of Leadership & Management

It was a great experience and an easy transition from high school to tertiary education.

The learning is classroom style which I found easier to understand and ask questions compared to friends who attended university who were sitting with hundreds of people in a huge lecture hall.

Aaron Diploma of Business

What I liked most was the close-knit community environment with the other students and the instructors. 

The content was direct and straightforward, but it still took dedication to get assignments completed to a high standard which was excellent training for professional life. 

Ainsleigh Diploma of Business

After leaving high school, I tried out a completely different career path that I didn’t end up liking as much as I thought I would. I decided to study business instead and chose to study at Bedford because I was able gain entry and credit for university the following year. 

Compared to some of my friends who only had a university education, I felt better equipped for success when I started working in an office. The knowledge I gained from my diploma helped me settle into university easier than if I had gone directly from high school to university. 

Philippa Diploma of Business

Because I was home educated, I didn’t have an ATAR, but that wasn’t a problem when applying for entry into uni, as UTS was happy to accept my academic results during my Diploma of Business at Bedford!

I have recommended Bedford to friends in the past, particularly home educated young people – Bedford is a great stepping stone to a career or higher education for people who haven’t come through the standard education pathway.

Nathaniel Diploma of Business

I would recommend Bedford College to those who are unsure what they want to do in their professional life.

Business is a universal subject, and the course offers a foot in the door from a job perspective, or a pathway to university. I also appreciate the experience that teachers brought into the classroom and the guidance provided not just in business, but also in ethics.

Elizabeth Diploma of Children's Services

I am so thankful for the sector wide relevance my studies at Bedford College gave me as it shaped me to become this fierce advocate for the education and care sector.


The Christian Ethos is important and it felt a safe environment for young people. Also it had a good reputation of finding employment for the students when they had finished their course.


Over the years I have suggested to many friends and family that Bedford College is a great place to go for further education and a great stepping stone into the workforce.

I am very lucky and thankful for Bedford College and how it directed my work and career. I always wanted to be a business owner one day and so glad that I have been able to make that happen.

Anna Diploma of Business

Because of Bedford, I had many great work experiences in the corporate field - I got to work with the Big 4 banks, Department of Education NSW and also a well-known IT company. Because of my diploma in business, I was fast tracked in the workforce which has led me to come back and pursue a degree in Business Management.

I would recommend Bedford to those coming out of high school or wanting to go back into study after a long time (education has no age limit) Bedford is the perfect place.

David Diploma of Business

Bedford was where I developed my interest in business, and 10 years later I’m still drawing on my experiences there for the “real world”. By far the best thing was the support from the teaching staff. I had health issues towards the end of my tenure there and upon returning they all did their best to help me get up to speed so I was able to graduate with the rest of the students.

After I graduated, I enrolled in a business degree at WSU as I was able to get some credit towards a degree thanks to my studies at Bedford. I’ve since worked at Westpac for about 5 years, and now work for a consulting company called Lonsec.

Macy Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care

Being an online student, you are always supported by your teacher and if extra explanation is needed, the teachers offer zoom calls which are very helpful.


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We have been equipping and empowering people towards a fulfilling career since 1943

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