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Brave new world. The Bedford Rebrand.

After 80 years of Bedford, we’re changing. Not who we are, but embracing what we believe and do.

We’re rebranding for greater meaning. We’re reaching new markets, starting new courses, expanding locations.

Bedford CEO, Steve Dixon, says, “As I think about the last decade, it’s clear that education is changing. Students need it to be faster, and more flexible, and world events are challenging the rigidity of the system.

“Education shouldn’t be institutionalised, inflexible and impersonal. And it shouldn’t be unsupportive and unproductive, leaving students unprepared.”

We exist to eliminate barriers that hinder people from realising their potential, and set a new standard for education that is holistic, purposeful and transformative. Empowering people to accelerate toward the life they desire and the future they want to create. Helping them to grow in character, capability and confidence with values that affirm who they are.

People matter. Character matters. Outcomes matter. 

Bedford was established by Baptist Churches in NSW, in 1943 to meet Australia’s great emerging social needs due to the devastation of families during World War II. Over 80 years, Bedford has adapted to a world that’s constantly changing.

Our constant approach has been building theoretical depth and practical application, with holistic personal development.

We believe in Transforming Education— empowering people, shaping the world.

We believe in you.